Gift Ideas for Game Masters

Gift Ideas for Game Masters

They’ve worked hard to provide amazing adventures for you – repay them with a special gift.

Your DM deserves the best beverage at the table. This intricately designed dragon handle elevates any casual drink to something better. Give the gift of many wonderful drinks from this terrifying dragon mug.

This awesome t-shirt denotes the power and terror wielded by our amazing, creative and mostly benevolent game runners.

Build a mimic with this adorable mimic brick building set. It’s not Lego brand, but it’s just as good. Plus, how do you know if it’s really toy bricks, or a mimic? I guess your DM will find out.

When your DM’s dice have been naughty, stick ’em in a gelatinous cube. This seemingly slimy dice jail will put your die in its place.