D&D Beyond Classes

D&D Beyond Classes

What are the main classes for D&D Beyond, aka Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition? We’ve listed them here for your reference.

Barbarian: Fierce warriors who tap into their primal instincts for strength and ferocity.

Bard: Charismatic performers and spellcasters who use the power of music and words to shape reality.

Cleric: Devout servants of a deity, capable of healing, protecting, and casting divine spells.

Druid: Nature-focused spellcasters who can shape-shift and draw on the power of the natural world.

Fighter: Masterful warriors skilled in a variety of combat styles and tactics.

Monk: Disciplined warriors who harness their inner strength and employ martial arts techniques.

Paladin: Holy warriors dedicated to justice, righteousness, and divine power.

Ranger: Skilled hunters and trackers, often with a connection to nature and wilderness.

Rogue: Sneaky and agile characters adept at stealth, subterfuge, and surprise attacks.

Sorcerer: Spellcasters with an innate connection to magic, drawing power from their bloodline or inherent abilities.

Warlock: Characters who make pacts with otherworldly entities to gain magical powers.

Wizard: Scholars and arcane spellcasters who learn and master spells through study and practice.