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Wyrd’s Winter Wonderland Issue Is Your Gain

Working in the gaming industry, there’s a lot of going ahead with plans as set on your timetables and hoping that everything should work out right. Occasionally, they don’t. Something comes back from the printer’s that’s messed up. A sculptor’s work gets destroyed in a freak accident. Or you end up with a box of minis that are miscast. Unfortunately, that last one is what happened to Wyrd with their Winter Wonderland box that’s part of their holiday sale. However, their loss is your gain. They’re tossing in another mini with the box (though it will be a bit of a delay in getting your sets).

From the update:

Hey everyone!

We got back to the office after a nice Thanksgiving break, cracked open the shipping boxes to start shipping out orders, and… uh oh.

At some point in the manufacturing process, the Winter Wonderland models encountered some problems. Namely, the mold for the alternate Rasputina sculpt appears to have collapsed at some point during the manufacturing process.

Instead of shipping out a damaged and inferior product, we’ve decided to save Christmas with a replacement sculpt. The Snow Storm, Ice Gamin, and Wendigo in the Winter Wonderland box will still be made of plastic, but Rasputina herself will be remolded in high quality resin. This will, unfortunately, result in a delay of around two to three weeks in shipping out any order that contains one or more Winter Wonderland boxes (everything should still be shipped before the holidays).


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