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TGT 074: Not Buying Games

This weeks episode topic was based on the following thread on Board Game Geek:

BGG Badge Thread (thanks to Chris Anderson):

Everdell Kickstarter:

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Steven Sites reviews Fuse from the Home Depot box of games he won: “Fuse is a real time dice chucking game where you are trying to defuse a certain number of bombs before they explode. You have a number of cards depending on how hard you want the game to be that you have to match the dice rolled into patterns on the cards (some times stacking them) in order to defuse the cards and allow you to discard them to pick new cards from a 5 card tableau that also need to be diffused. Each person must take a dice to play one one of the 2 cards in front of them and if they don’t that die has to be rolled and a die matching the color or face rolled has to be removed from unfinished cards and play continues with each person rolling dice for the group and dice being drafted. You only have 10 minutes to complete all of the cards in the stack and if you don’t the bombs explode and you lose. However you can score all of the cards based on the hardness level of each card completed 1-6. So even if you lose you still get a score you can try to beat on your next round.

My group and I really like this game a lot. My 6 year old and I play it and he really enjoys the game as well. There is some dexterity to the game with the stacking but also you realize as you play a few times you have to pay attention to the cards you take as you complete other cards. That is because there are only a certain number of each colored dice in the bag you are drawing from so paying attention to locked colors on those cards can haunt you. The game only takes 10 minutes a play so its a good filler game. Renegade who is the game publisher has an app for some of their games and Fuse has a timer on it that also has a voice taunting you and keeping you informed as to the time remaining. I’d definitely recommend this game and would like to get a chance to play the follow up game they did to this called Flat Line. If I was on the Dice Tower it gets a seal of approval from me. ?

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