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TGT 031: Kickstarter

This week we talk about Kickstarter and the pros and cons if it in our industry. But first…

Off Topic

News/Announcements: We start off talking a bit about our new giveaway for Fields of Green (and second winner gets a Tabletop Game Talk t-shirt). You can find some videos we did no Fields of Green on our YouTube channel.

Feedback: We got some fun feedback on our drinking game episode. Maybe some of it was even constructive (we should drink more?).

Quick Question: We answer a question from Thom about when it’s ok to concede a game.

New Games/Kickstarters: We skip this segment this week since the entire show is about Kickstarter – just skip to on-topic.

Game of Today: This week we talk about Inis. Spoiler alert, we liked it and the map is looks amazing.

Amazon affiliate links:


Fields of Green:

On Topic

This week we talk all about Kickstarter and barely scratch the surface. We also include some input from the listeners. Let us know your thoughts for our next feedback section.

Some Kickstarters we talk about:

Rising Sun:

Esper Genesis:

Wreck Age:

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