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SC 010: Gruff

Gruff is cool! And today I talk with Brent Critchfield, the designer, all about it. Oh, and he has a Kickstarter going for the 2nd expansion which adds solo and co-op play, you can find that here: or here

Basically Gruff is a game of battling goats guided by unique shepherds. You pick a shepherd, then you pick three goats. This gives you a pool of cards (15 per goat) and you build a deck from that pool (8 per goat). Ready, set, battle! The rules are straight forward, but there is a ton of depth both in the deck construction and the play itself. There are two expansions (well the 2nd is on Kickstarter now), both are standalone and great deals by themselves. All in all, this game looks and plays great. A perfect 2-player game and with the latest expansion, you can play it solo and co-op.

(Hmmm, that sounded very market-ish, but really I just like this game and wish it success.)

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