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    The Joyous Havanese
    by Kathryn Braund

    The Joyous Havanese – Click Here

    • Release date: April 1, 2005
    • Author: Kathryn Braund
    • Format: paperback, 196 pages
    • Language: english
    • ISBN: 9780972058520 (0972058524)
    • Publisher: Kathryn Braund Publications

    About The Book

    The title of this latest work by Kathryn Braund sets the tone for her whole book. By using the title The Joyous Havanese, she captures what appears to be the very essence of this breed, verified in the introductory page, where she aptly describes their exuberance of life and joy. As you read this book you will also come to realize that that this unique little dog can bring tremendous joy to anyone who lives with, or even comes in contact with him. Those of you familiar with Mrs. Braund’s previous writings will be aware that she is more than well qualified to undertake this endeavor, as her writings are a reflection of her life story. The remarkable detail in dealing with the history of the Toy breeds is indicative of her meticulous research into the origins of canine breeds, and reflects her Librarian background. It is probably the only convenient source of comparison of the FCI standards with those of the AKC standards for the Havanese, giving a description of how this breed has evolved, and will undoubtedly continue to evolve as a work in progress. Her editorial skills are once again evident in the inimitable and entertaining style for which she is well known. Her books and articles are a delight to read, as her many years of experience as an author and editor have honed her skills to combine factual information with a charming and irresistible quality. This remarkable ability is prevalent throughout. After reading her lively descriptions of the physical and temperamental aspects of the Havanese, those of us who have not had personal contact with the breed certainly have an extraordinary insight into the breed’s essential qualities and character. The novice as well as the seasoneddog person will appreciate her simple and unpretentious way of presenting what would elsewhere be too scientifically described to be enjoyed. Those chapters devoted to breeding, through the care, mannering and grooming of the Havanese puppy reflect her many years of experience as a conscientious breeder of several breeds, as do those chapters devoted to training and showing reflect her many years as a successful Obedience Instructor. I was both pleased and flattered to be asked to read her manuscript, and allowed herein to express my conclusions with regard to it The book is both informative and enjoyable for any dog lover to read, and certainly should be a must for those who are seriously involved with the Joyous Havanese.

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