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      Mobile gaming has been increasing day by day, smartphones keep improving their chips to improve mobile overall performance and this automatically increases the compatibility of supporting new games. We are expecting some huge advancements in future mobile gaming. For now, I am sharing some of the popular android games on android currently which going to dominate mobile gaming in 2020. Mobile companies are now releasing their models specifically for gaming and some of the companies even mention the name of games which are supported by the chips. Furthermore, I am highlighting 5 top android games which have been widely playing on Android.

      1- Call of Duty Mobile (Free To Play)
      2- PUBG (Free To Play)
      3- Evoland 1 and 2 (Price 0.99$ and $7.99)
      4- GRID Autosport (Price $9.99)
      5- Minecraft (Price $6.99)

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