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Fantasy Flight Games Posts New Fallout: the Board Game Preview

One thing about Fallout is that you get to decide how you act within the world. Do you want to try and help the other people who have managed to survive, or do you become a death-dealer to anyone and everyone? Those major decisions make their way to your games of the Fallout board game, coming from Fantasy Flight, as well. In this preview, we get a look at those decisions and see how they will affect the game going forward.

From the post:

The ultimate post-nuclear tabletop experience of Fallout: The Board Game is about to arrive, and there’s one element of the game that we’ve been saving for this moment. We’ve done an overview of the game as a whole and discussed the six main ways you can interact with the world of Fallout. We’ve discussed the development of your survivor and the fearful fights you may encounter. But one thing we haven’t thoroughly dug into sits at the very heart of your Wasteland experience, and that is the intricate story you and your fellow surivivors will tell and the challenging, impactful decisions you will make to shape it. Today, in preparation for the game’s imminent release, we explore the incredible narratives that Bethesda has developed and how they translate to the tabletop.


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